WordPress is a CMS.

WordPress is a CMS.
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WordPress is a CMS.

A CMS that for most of the people is the best software solution to get organic traffic from Google.
In fact, Google has a particularly good relationship with websites built using this CMS, thanks to his really strong, smart software.

WordPress is not a good software solution to build a web-app and create internal web tools for technical agency solutions, in that situation in more appropriate if not absolutely necessary a website built only using HTML files in the FTP area of your server, but that is a really expensive solution.

One of our collaborators is a web developer, he has his own little agency and they make websites only for big company.

He usually sells also normal websites built with WordPress, anyway: He build web apps or e-commerce solutions for big company with a high quantity of clients from all over the world because in these situations prices start from 30.00 Euros (It’s an Italian company) and for this kind of work they have enough work for all the year.

So, if you need something technically advanced we can help you only saying that we are not enough expert for that.

This service includes a technical tutorial for the user, the creation of the structure most appropriate for your needs, the set up of the lack of your website and all the eventually needed web app and social media accounts.

You will be able to understand the best way to configure your business in the smartest way online, not just the website.
Many people get frauded by web developers: They earn money thanks to the ignorance of their clients.

Our service is different: we provide all the basic set up and all the info needed to understand better your online campaign.

These features usually are not included in services of this kind, because if people don’t understand, and they don’t understand because they don’t know, the web developer really doesn’t help in that area, which is really important, more than the website.

Features that must be viewed as the gasoline of your car: Yes, the car is important and also expensive, but without the gasoline, that car is not useful at all.

But hey, most of these websites don’t have traffic, don’t find clients and are even not useful at all, and you will have no idea of how to fix all these problems that are really important, and the wallet empty.



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