Something about life, money and time. HomoMillennium

Something about life, money and time. HomoMillennium
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I think that people are not happy because society do not allow them to really do what their soul is for.

Some of us have this chance, and these are the great humans that helped us to grow up culturally during the millenniums.

But they are just a little number of people.

HomoMillennium is a community of smart humans, that understood that they can be the difference.
And they make the difference.

Something about life, money and time.

It’s important to live more serenely as possible.

Maybe it could be hard for someone because we are so hardly fucked up because of our daily lifestyle, a situation where we are not allowed to spend our time properly.

Most of the humans see themselves such as a lucky soul in a society of disease and suffering.

Let’s focus on this: Yes, it’s true that a man that has a house and eat every day could be seen as a lucky, or a better person than a homeless drug addicted.

But it’s also true that the homeless man has good friends and lots of time to spend with them, meanwhile, the so-called lucky guy has no friend since his first day of school (and is a Virgo fat 45 years old boy).

So maybe most of us are lucky in something and unlucky in something else.

It’s sure that this concept must be explored more properly in the future.

And what about money?

Money is a big fat lie that just confuses or natural lifestyle.

Just a simple example to explain the real value of money: a couple of centuries ago, in East Africa, people used to use a special kind of shells as money., these shells origin is from the Indian Ocean, and just a few of these were founded in the coast of Africa.

One great day, the company of the East Indies learned this fact, so they just started to make business with these poor indigenous people using these shells, but their shells were readily available for them in India.

So they started to make big money exploiting a different system of values of these people.

And what about time?

If you are giving a big value to money that you earn spending your time doing something for someone, well, that’s the value of time.

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