With grey old eyes, HomoMillennium Short story

With grey old eyes, HomoMillennium Short story
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An old man with grey old eyes.

he is walking to the bus station, with a big trolley bag and a bag on his left hand.
His voice can’t be heard from a big distance, and it’s even hard to hear him when he speaks to you.
his bus stop at the checkpoint of the frontier between Germany and France and three cops of the frontier de confine Francaise are walking on the bus asking for documents.
The passport was not valid.
“Come with us” “do I have to take with me my bags too?” “yes”.
During the trip back to Berlin with the cops, his heart (highly damaged because of three medical operations caused by smoke and alcohol) suffered a lot.
“The next time that I find you here with no valid document, I’ll send you to jail”.

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