Welcome To HomoMillennium

Welcome To HomoMillennium
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Homomillennium is that kind of project that most of us do not care about really much.

It’s also true that the biggest innovations of the history are born like that.

With a little number of believers and big problems with a big number of unbelievers.

Sometimes other humans start to appreciate that idea. Later, many times too much later for who create these innovations.

This is quite a historically proved fact.

HomoMillennium is a group of people that share ideas, skills, pieces of information, needs, and products together.

This website actually is the place where people can understand better HomoMillennium.

From the moment that this it’s a really complex and eclectic project you just can’t see all the content on the Menu.

For a period the web developer of this website tried to organize all, but it’s not organizable at all.

If we use Google is because you are interested in that content, this is the main reason of the functionality of this search engine.

Just use the search engine of this website if you want to find some pages with a keyword in which you are interested in.

The search engine it’s on the

bottom of this page.


Please vote all the contents using the Ten-star vote tool (you can vote once for every page, it’s based on your IP address so you don’t have to give any personal info).

We are very interested in the opinion of our users.

Thanks for your attention.


Raffaele Squillari

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